Preparing a mechanism to monitor the border points

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The bored of the directors of the Standardization and Quality control Authority held on 5/7/2017.

The meeting attended by the chairman of the authority and the directors of the directorates and the heads of the division of the authority.

The meeting focused on the possibility of establishing a mechanism for coordination and cooperation with officials at the border crossing on the implementation of cabinet resolution 773 , on 9/2/2017 ,The following paragraphs were discussed.

  • It is necessary to establish a mechanism for the implementation of the resolution and coordination with the officials at the border crossings including customs and border officials.
  • It is necessary to use Database that was designed by the contracting company to perform the new tasks.
  • Defining the functions of the directorates , units and control units at the border crossing points of the authority according to the decision of the council of ministry.
  • The Directorate of the Standardization and Quality Control Authority and the Directorate of  Accounts shall prepare a mechanism for the conduct of  their work in accordance with resolution 773 in a strict and systematic manner and submit it to the chairman of the commission.